A lot has happened since my last update, a lot of it quite sensational. January 29th was the last date for parties to submit their lists of candidates for the elections, so I decided to wait with the sensationalism and post my update after the picture was a bit clearer. 26 parties are running in […]

Ever since I started this blog, over two years ago, there have been two things I always post about, along with photos- snow storms, which happen very rarely in Israel, and the Jerusalem Light Festival. Jerusalem is now bracing for another snow storm, which may come this Wednesday (Jan 7th). Last year’s storm was the […]

Make sure to read my previous posts in the series- Israeli elections 2015- the guide for dummies Election update – Dec 20th 2014 Quite a lot has happened since my last post on December 20th. Most importantly- The primary elections in Likud Yesterday (Dec 31st) Likud members took to the polls in order to vote […]

Last week I discussed the main players and parties in Israel’s 2015 elections. You can read that post here. So what’s happened in the last week? The breakup in Shas The big story of the week is the breakup between Arieh Deri and Eli Yishay in Shas. Yishay has left the party and founded a […]

Surprise! It’s election season again, two years early! The Israeli Knesset has 120 members who are elected for a four year period. But in a multi-party parliamentary system, keeping a coalition together is hard. It’s hard enough fitting so many egos into one room, but when there are four or five ideological blocs involved, it […]

It’s been a while since I’ve written. Israel has been going through some crazy times lately. At first my excuse was that it was the middle of semester. As soon as the semester’s over, I’ll go back to writing again. Semester break came and went, and then it was another semester. After that, I’ll surely […]

I’ve added a lot of links to this post, with more information, photos, articles and videos. I urge you to read and watch them.   Perhaps this post shouldn’t be called “Operation Defensive Edge”, because that makes it sound like this is all about Israel’s actions, and it isn’t. Operation Defensive Edge is the response […]


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