The Annual Jerusalem Light Festival

This post is the first post in a regular spot I plan to have on this blog. In it, I will feature a different place in Israel each week. Through this spot, I hope to show you some of the beauty Israel has to offer.

At Jaffa Gate

The Jerusalem light festival is a relatively new tradition. It has been going on for the past four years, every June. It takes place in the old city of Jerusalem. Artists from around the world prepare installations based on light. The festival includes a number of routes that visitors can take in order to see the breathtaking works of art that literally glow in the dark, amid the narrow alleyways of the old city of Jerusalem. The combination of old and new provides a wonderful contrast. The festival took place this year between the 6th and 14th of June, every night (except Friday night) from 20:00 to midnight.

At Jaffa Gate

Near Zion Gate

A Spiralling Light. In the background: The Newly Rebuilt Churva Synagogue.

The Story of Hansel & Gretel in Shadows

The Story of Hansel & Gretel in Shadows

Light Benches Outside the Old-City Walls, near the New Gate

The Lutheran Church in the Christian Quarter

A Game of Pinball on Damascus Gate- Visitors can actually play…

Also, you can check out these quick videos that I filmed (All under a minute):

* Playing with fire- in the Christian Quarter

* Dancing illuminated pipes- outside Jaffa gate

* A game of Pinball- at Damascus Gate


Update: This post refers to the 2012 Jerusalem Light Festival. For my post on the 2013 Jerusalem Light Festival, click HERE.


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  1. […] and tourists. The result is that there is always something happening in Jerusalem. Whether it is the lights festival in the Old City in the summer; “Hutzot HaYotzer” festival, also in the summer, during which artists from Israel […]

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