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Tisha Be’av- A Jewish day of mourning and an inter-generational lifeline

A Jewish legend tells the story of Napoleon’s visit to the holy land. One night, on Tisha Be’av, as he was walking through the streets of a Jewish neighborhood, he saw Jews sitting on the ground, their clothes ripped, and crying. Napoleon was curious as to what had befallen the Jews, so he asked one […]

Judaism in Israel: Diversity and Collectivism

Many Jews come to live in Israel expecting to find a place where they can finally just be Jewish. People who have lived through persecution, who have grown up being called a “dirty Jew” come to Israel and find out that in Israel, it’s not enough to be just Jewish; you have to decide what […]

This week’s headlines: The largest coalition in history is history * A desperate social protester has cost the protest its humanity * Israel’s newest university * Update: Today’s news.

Today’s news When I wrote this post earlier today, it had only three items in it. But a lot has happened since, besides the insane temperature outside of 39 Celsius (102 Fahrenheit). Sadly, all three additional items have to do with death:  The explosion in Syria- This is international news, but it is especially relevant in […]

Olmert and Israel’s Orwellian New-Speak

I mentioned former Prime Minister Olmert’s conviction and some of the Israeli media’s responses in yesterday’s post. I shared this photo of the front page of “Yediot Ahronot”  with my Hebrew readers last night, and I’ve decided that it’s just too outrageous for me not to share it here as well. The basic facts: Prime […]

This week’s headlines: Israel joins the legal front in the battle for its heart * The Tal law and service equality saga continues * Former Prime Minister Olmert’s Nine Lives.

The Edmund Levi Report: Israel Joins the Legal Battle For many years, Israel has ignored the legal front in the battle being waged between Jews and Arabs over the heart of Israel: Judea and Samaria. There has always been more than one opinion over the legal status of what the left calls “The Occupied Territories”, […]

Mitzpe Ramon and the Makhtesh

Mitzpe Ramon is a small town in the Negev desert (in southern Israel), built on the edge of a unique geological phenomenon- a “Makhtesh“. If you’d rather skip Wikipedia’s explanation of the Makhtesh, here’s my quick version: A Makhtesh is a form of crater. The difference is that while a regular crater is usually formed […]

How will Egypt’s new regime affect Israeli-Egyptian relations?

Last week I raised a big question mark over the possibility that Egypt’s newly elected president, Mohammed Mursi, may decide to force Israel’s hand in its dealings with the Palestinians and the Iranian nuclear threat. How should Israel respond in such an eventuality, without endangering the fragile peace with Egypt on the one hand, while […]