44 days to the election- 34 party lists

Thursday night (Dec 6th) was the last date for submitting party lists to take part in the elections, which will be held on January 22nd. 34 parties submitted lists. Many of them are completely anonymous. 12 of the parties are currently in the Knesset or are headed by people currently in the Knesset. Two other parties are expected to be in the Knesset after the elections.

 But before I list the parties, a few updates are needed, of some of what took place during the week.

livnee_zipi-s* Tzipi Livni, who was head of “Kadima” and lost the leadership of the party to Shaul Mofaz earlier this year, has returned to politics at the head of a new party simply named “The Movement” (“HaTnua”). She succeeded in convincing seven of Kadima’s MKs to leave their party and join hers. According to the law, if one quarter of a party’s members split off from the party, they retain their portion of the party’s funding. In this manner, Livni receives almost 9 million NIS (equivalent to $2.25 million) from Kadima, which is already in debt.

(Photo: Knesset website)

 * During the week, many of the remaining members of Kadima announced their resignation from politics.

alon tal_wikimedia_orenshafir_cc by sa * On Wednesday (Dec 5th), the Green Movement party, which is currently not in the Knesset and is not expected to be so after the elections either, voted against joining Livni’s Movement. Nevertheless, the next day, the party’s leader, Alon Tal, signed an agreement with Livni and is now on Livni’s party’s list.

 (photo: wikimedia, Orenshaffir, cc by sa)

* A new party, named “Kalkala” (“Finance”), which was founded by two lawyer brothers, inserted Yossi Bublil, Shamalov_Berkovich_Yulia-sthe star of the first season of the “Big Brother” reality show, into the third slot of their party. This week, Bublil decided politics was not for him and left the party. The brothers inserted a children’s TV star, “Yuval HaMevulbal” (Confused Yuval) into the third slot. The confused Yuval claims he only found out about this on Thursday (Dec 6th) and is no longer on the list. However, the brothers eventually did find their star: Yulia Shamalov Berkovitch, formerly of Kadima, who moved to Likud, competed in the primaries there and did not achieve a realistic place on the list, is now head of “Kalkala”.

(photo: Knesset website)

Rubi Rivlin

Rubi Rivlin

* The joint list of Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu was published on Wednesday (Dec 5th). The list included some changes which were not included in the original agreement between the two parties. Instead of the seats being divided evenly by a scale of 2:1 between the two parties (Likud: Yisrael Beiteinu), Yisrael Beiteinu received 15 of the first 40 seats. A number of Likud members were pushed down the list by 1-2 places and protested loudly. Rubi Rivlin, the current Knesset Speaker, volunteered to switch places with Sofa Landver of Yisrael Beiteinu so that there would be a woman in the top ten slots of the joint list (he was number 10 and she was 11). Likud currently has 27 seats and Yisrael Beiteinu has 15 seats.

(photo: Knesset website)

peretz_amir-s* The grande finale of the game of political musical chairs came on Thursday morning (Dec 6th). Tzipi Livni held a press conference at 11AM in which she introduced the 3rd person on her list, who is none other than Amir Peretz, number 3 on Labor’s list, who previously lost the leadership of the party to Shelly Yachimovitch.

 (photo: Knesset website)

Are you confused?

You are not alone.

Here is a list of the 34 listed parties. For each party I have added the number of current seats in the Knesset, the number of seats the party is expected to receive according to polls (this is an approximation and is definitely not scientific in any way) and the names of the people on the list. Many of the parties include 120 names on their lists, which is unrealistic, of course. For parties expected to enter the Knesset, I include names according to the number of seats they are expected to receive. For parties not expected to enter the Knesset, I include only the name of the party leader. I also included some information about the current positions of some of the candidates (in parenthesis).

Photo: Binyamin Netanyahu's Facebook page

Photo: Binyamin Netanyahu’s Facebook page

Joint list: Likud (Netanyahu) + Yisrael Beiteinu (Lieberman)

Current seats: 27+15

Seats according to polls: 37-39

List (first 40):

Binyamin Netanyahu (PM), Avigdor Lieberman (FM), Gidon Sa’ar (Education Minister), Yair Shamir (son of late PM Yitzhak Shamir), Gilad Erdan (Minister of Environment), Silvan Shalom (Minister for development of Negev & Galillee), Uzi Landau (Minister of Energy and Water), Yisrael Katz (Minister of Transportation), Danny Dannon, Sofa Landver (Minister of Immigration Absorption), Rubi Rivlin (Knesset Speaker), Moshe (Bogie) Ya’alon (Minister of Strategic Affairs), Yitzhak Aharonovitch (Minister of Public Security), Ze’ev Elkin (Head of Coalition), Tzipi Hotoveli, Orly Levi Abekasis (Daughter of former FM, David Levi), Yariv Levine, Yuly Edelshtein (Minister of Diaspora and Public Diplomacy), Faina Kirschenbaum (Secretary General of Yisrael Beiteinu), Haim Katz, Miri Regev, David Rotem, Moshe Feiglin, Yuval Steinits (Finance Minister), Robert Ilatov, Tzachi Hanegbi, Limor Livnat (Minister of Culture and Sport), Hamed Amar, Ofir Akunis, Gila Gamliel (Deputy Minister in charge of young people), Shimon Ohayoun, Karmel Shama HaCohen, Alex Miller, Leon Litinsky, David Bitan, Uri Faraj, Yulia Milinovsky, Katy Shitrit, Ayoub Kara (Deputy Minister for development of the Negev and Galillee), Smadar Levitan.

For more information on Likud’s list, see my earlier post.

Phoot: Shelly Yehimovitz's Facebook page

Phoot: Shelly Yehimovitz’s Facebook page

Labor Party

Current seats: 8

Current seats including “Atzmaut” (Ehud Barak’s party, which is not running): 13

Seats according to polls: 17-20

List (first 20):

Shelly Yachimovitch, Yitzhak (Buzhi) Hertzog, Eitan Cabel, Merav Michaeli, Binyamin (Fouad) Ben Eliezer, Hilik Bar, Omer Bar-Lev, Stav Shafir, Avishay Braverman, Erel Margalit, Itzik Shmuli, Micky Rosenthal, Michal Biran, Nachman Shay, Moshe Mizrachi, Daniel Atar, Raleb Majadla, Nadia Hilou, Nino Absedze, Yossi Yona.

See my separate post on the Labor Party’s list


Photo: Eli Yishay's Facebook page

Photo: Eli Yishay’s Facebook page

Shas (Ultra Orthodox Sephardic party)

Current seats: 11

Seats according to polls: 10-13

List (first 15):

Eli Yishai (Minister of Interior), Arie Deri, Ariel Attias (Minister of Housing), Yitzhak Cohen (Deputy Minister of Finance), Meshulam Nahari (Minister without portfolio), Amnon Cohen, Yaacov Margi (Minister of Religious Affairs), David Azulay, Yitzhak Vaaknin, Nissim Ze’ev, Avraham Michaeli, Yoav Ben-Tzur, Lior Edri, Ami Illuz, Eli Dadon.

Naftali Bennet. Photo: Public Domain

Naftali Bennet. Photo: Public Domain

Joint List- HaBayit HaYehudi (“The Jewish Home”) + HaIchud HaLeumi (“National Unity”)

Curent seats: 3+4*

(only one of HaIchud HaLeumi’s members joined the joint list. Two others have formed a separate party and the fourth is not running).

Seats according to polls: 8-13

List (first 13):

Naftali Bennet, Uri Ariel (HaIchud HaLeumi leader), Nissan Slomiyansky (Former Jewish Home MK), Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan, Ayelet Shaked, Uri Orbach (Jewish Home MK), Zevulun Kalfa, Avi Vortzman, Motti Yogev, Orit Struk, Yonatan Shetbon, Shuli Mualem, Hillel Horovitz.

* MK= Member of Knesset.

Photo: Knesset website

Photo: Knesset website

The Movement (HaTnua)

Current seats: 0

Seats according to polls: 6-10

List: (first 16):

Tzipi Livni (lost leadership of kadima to Shaul Mofaz), Amram Mitzna (as head of Labor, lost election for Prime Minister to Ariel Sharon in 2003, came in 4th in election for leader of Labor in 2011), Amir Peretz (lost vote for leadership of Labor to Shelly Yachimovitch), Elazar Shtern (was originally listed as number 2 of Am-Shalem party, see below), Meir Shitrit (Kadima MK), David Tzur, Yoel Hasson (Kadima MK), Shlomo Mula (Kadima MK), Merav Cohen (Jerusalem city council member), Orit Zuaretz (Kadima MK), Henry Valency, Magaly Wahaba (Kadima MK), Alon Tal (Head of Green Movement Party), Robert Tibayev (Kadima MK), Avner Ben-Zaken, Rachel Adato (Kadima MK).

Yahadut HaTora (Judaism of the Torah- Ashkenzai Ultra Orthodox party)

Photo: Knesset website

Current seats: 5
Seats according to polls: 5-6
List (first 6):
Yaacov Litzman (Deputy Health Minister), Moshe Gafni (Chairman of Finance Committee), Meir Porush (Former Deputy Education Minister), Uri Maklev, Menachem Eliezer Moses, Yisrael Eichler.
Photo of Rabbi Yaacov Litzman: Knesset website.

Yesh Atid (“There is a future”- Yair Lapid’s party)

Yair Lapid_FBCurrent seats: 0
Seats according to polls: 5-9
List (first 10):
Yair Lapid, Rabbi Shay Peron, Yael German (Mayor of Hertzeliya), Meir Cohen (Mayor of Dimona), Yaacov Peri (former Chief of ISA- Israeli equivalent of FBI), Ofer Shelach (Journalist), Aliza Lavi, Yoel Razbuzov (Judoka), Adi Kol, Karine AlHarar.

 Photo: Lapid’s Facebook page.

galon_zahavaMeretz (Far left party)

Current seats: 3

Seats according to polls: 2-5

List (first 5):

Zehava Gal’on (MK), Ilan Gil’on (MK), Nitzan Horovitz (MK), Michal Rozin, Isawi Farij.

 Photo of Zehava Gal’on: Knesset website.

sarsur_FBRaam-Taal (Arab party)

Current seats: 4

Seats according to polls: 4

List (first 4):

Ibrahim Sarsur (MK), Ahmed Tibi (MK), Masud Ranaem (MK), Taleb Abu-Arar

 Photo of Ibrahim Sarsur: Sarsur’s Facebook page.


Hadash (Mixed Arab-Jewish Communist party- “Democratic Front for Peace and Equality”)

Current seats: 4

Seats according to polls: 4

List (first 4):

Muhammad Barake (MK), Hana Suweid (MK), Dov Hanin (MK), Afu Agbariya (MK).

 Photo of Muhammad Barake: Knesset website.

zahalka_jamal-sBalad (Arab party: “National Democratic Union“)

Current seats: 3

Seats according to polls: 3

List (first 4):

Jamal Zahalka (MK), Hanin Zuabi (MK), Bassel Jatas, Juma’a Azbarga.

Photo of Jamal Zahalka: Knesset website.

amsalem_haimAm Shalem (“Complete Nation”)

Current seats: 0 (The party leader, Rabbi Haim Amsalem, was a member of Shas but in effect acted alone during his tenure as an MK).
Seats according to polls: 0-3
List (first 3): Rabbi Haim Amsalem (MK), Moshe Tzarfati, Reuven Agassi

Photo: Knesset website.

eldad_aryehOtzma Leyisrael (“Strength for Israel“- extreme Right party)

This is the party formed by 2 of the 4 members of HaIchud HaLeumi who did not join with “Jewish Home”.

Current seats: 0 (2 of the party’s members are current MKs)

Seats according to polls: 0-3

List (first 3):

Arie Eldad (MK), Michael Ben-Ari (MK), Baruch Marzel (extreme Right activist).

 Photo of Arie Eldad: Knesset website.


Current seats: 28

Seats according to polls: 0-2

List (first 8- the MKs remaining in the party):

Shaul Mofaz, Yisrael Hasson, Yohanan Plesner, Ronit Tirosh, Shay Hermesh, Yuval Tzelner, Doron Avital, Akram Hasson.

The other 20 MKs left the party and joined Likud (4 MKs), Labor (2 MKs) The Movement (7 MKs) or left national politics.

 Photo of Shaul Mofaz: Kadima website.


From here on, the parties are, for the most part, anonymous. Some of them have garnered some publicity due to their eccentricities. None of the parties from here on are expected to receive any seats in the Knesset. I bring them in the Hebrew alphabetical order, as they are listed on the Knesset website.

Orr (“Light”)

ירון ידען-מפלגת אורParty Leader: Yaron Yad’an

The party list includes 10 people.

According to the party’s website, the party stands for separation of religion and state, equality of rights as well as obligations and humane education for all.

Photo: Orr party website.

Achim Anachnu (“We Are Brothers”)

Party Leader: David Abeba

The party list includes 13 people.

The party claims to represent Jewish immigrants from Ethiopia and India. I have not found a website, but I have found mention of a man named David Abeba who was an active member of Likud, working for Ethiopian immigrants’ rights.

Eretz Hadasha (“New Land”)

Eldad_Yaniv_public domainParty Leader: Eldad Yaniv

The party list includes 9 people.

Eldad Yaniv, who worked in the past for Ehud Barak, gave a long interview to one of the Israeli newspapers a few months ago, in which he described his role in “playing dirty” on behalf of other politicians and claimed that he wishes to repent his evil and corrupt ways. He founded “Eretz Hadasha” in order to translate Israel’s social protest into political power.

As part of his campaign, Yaniv, together with his running mate, Ran Blair, a film director, released a series of video clips, filmed in documentary style. In the first clip, Yaniv discusses Netanyahu’s supposed obsession of hiding large amounts of money in his socks.

Photo: public domain

Brit Olam LeGeulat Yisrael (“Everlasting Covenant for the Salvation of Israel“)

Ofer lifshitz_brit Olam websiteParty Leader: Ofer Lifshitz

The party list includes 8 people.

The party website, which includes a partial English translation, says:

“Brit Olam (everlasting covenant) is a civic movement as well as a political party whose infrastructure is designed to allow citizens of Israel to say Yes! to the God of Israel out of free choice, and to express their will through the ballot in the upcoming election for the 19th Knesset (Parliament) of Israel. This group is the voice of the people and represents all seekers of truth, love, justice and compassion”.

Photo: Brit Olam website.

Dor Bonei Ha’aretz (“Generation of the Country’s Builders”- Pensioners’ party)

ephraim lapid-gimlaim websiteParty Leader: Ephraim Lapid

The party list includes 19 people.

The party used to be called “Gil” (The word “Gil” in Hebrew can mean both “age” and “happiness”). In 2006 the party received 7 seats in the Knesset, most likely due to a massive “protest vote”, in which voters who were fed up with the usual parties, voted for “Gil” as a joke. The result was the forming of a new ministry to deal with the elderly. At the time, the party was headed by Raffi Eitan, a former Mossad agent (born 1926). Following the 2009 elections, the party was wiped out and the ministry was disbanded and merged with the Prime Minister’s office.

Eitan offered the leadership of the party to Meir Shitrit (formerly of Kadima, now in The Movement).

Photo: Dor website (Hebrew).


AsmaagbariyazachalkaParty leader: Asma Agbariya Zahalka

The party list includes 44 people.

Da’am is a “workers party”. Its membership includes Jews and Arabs. The English section of their website states:
” The Da’am Workers Party (DWP) here sets forth a program for revolutionary change in Israeli society, based on the principles of integration, equality, and social justice. We believe that these principles cannot be implemented under the regime of global capitalism. Their realization requires a socialist society which honors human welfare above profit.”

Photo: wikimedia,  http://www.etgar.info/, cc by sa

HaYerukim VeHatzeirim (“The Greens and Young People”)

amir meltzer_facebookParty leader: Amir Meltzer

The party list includes 10 people.

This party is not to be confused with the Green Movement party which merged with Tzipi Livni’s “Movement”. The party was founded by Deputy Mayor of Tel-Aviv, Pe’er Visner. Link to the party’s website in English.

Amir Meltzer is deputy mayor of Metula.

Photo: Amir Meltzer’s Facebook page.

HaYisraelim (“The Israelis”)

david kun_screenshotParty leader: David Kun

The party list includes 7 people.

According to an article by Channel 10 news, David Kun is a popular anchorman on Channel 9, the Russian language channel. The entire channel is involved in the party. But the most interesting part of the article claims that the party is actually a proxy formed by Tzipi Livni in order to draw votes away from Avigdor Lieberman’s party, Yisrael Beiteinu, who traditionally represents the Russian-Israeli vote, and who is running together with Likud.

Photo: screenshot, youtube.

HaPiratim (“The Pirates”)

Ohad Shem-Tov_screenshotParty Leader: Ohad Shem-Tov

The party list includes 34 people

The Pirate party belongs to the worldwide Pirate Movement, which calls for changing the copyright laws. The English website states:

On the basis of man’s natural desire for freedom and liberation, and with the development of technology and political thought – we establish the Pirate Party in order to lead and participate in local and global processes that promote individual freedom, thought, expression, movement, information, copying, and sailing.”

Ohad Shem-Tov used to be part of the “Green Leaf” party (see below).

Photo: screenshot, youtube (from 2007).

HaTikva LeShinui (“Hope for Change”)

atef karnawi_facebookParty Leader: Atef Karnawi

The party list includes 11 people.

The party was founded by members of the Bedouin minority. In an article in Yisrael Hayom (sadly, I no longer have the article, but it made enough of an impression on me to remember it), Karnawi explained the need for a fourth Arab party, in the fact that the existing parties have been too busy fighting for the rights of the Palestinians that they have forgotten about the needs of Israeli Arabs.

The Arab name of the party is “Al-Amal Li-Taryir”, which means “the hope for change”. The party’s Facebook page can be found here (Arabic).

Photo: The party’s facebook page.

Haim BeChavod (“Life with Dignity”)

Party Leader: Ruth Danino

The party list includes 16 people.

I have not been able to find a website for the party. According to the party’s registration information, the party stands for improving living conditions for the elderly and the disabled, giving public housing for the needy, increasing welfare and lowering the costs of food. I have not been able to find an appropriate photo.

Kulanu Haverim-NaNach (“We are all friends- Na-Nach”)

Party Leader: Sharon Knafo.

The party list includes 12 people.

If you have visited Israel, you may have been lucky enough to see a van stop at a red light, blasting loud trance music, a group of men get off with large woolen “Kipot” (Yarmulkas, scullcaps) and start dancing in the street. When the light turns green, they get back in the van and continue driving until they get to the next traffic light and repeat the process. These are the “Nachmans”, an ultra-orthodox group which follows the teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslev, one of the basic principles of which is being happy at all times. Every Jewish New year, thousands of Rabbi Nachman’s believers flock to his grave in the Ukraine for the holiday prayers. Recently, I have even seen a claim (painted on one of their vans) that Rabbi Nachman is the Messiah. Being dead for 202 years obviously doesn’t get in the way of this. Now his followers have a political party. Their website (Hebrew only) sports a banner leading to the party platform, but the page only says that “our request hasn’t been approved yet, and therefore we cannot display our platform which is, God willing, revolutionary. Please pray that it will be approved and gather strength”. Are they waiting for Rabbi Nachman’s approval?

Koach Lehashpia (“Strength to Influence”)

amnon yitzhakParty leader: Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak (not actually on the party list)

The party list includes 18 people.

Amnon Yitzhak is what can only be described as a preacher. He goes around the country giving speeches aimed at convincing secular Jews to become religious. He is known for his charismatic but demagogic lectures. Recently, he organized an event in which his followers were called to destroy their televisions in a mass demonstration, being a tool of evil. Now he has a party.

Photo: Wikimedia, Moshe Halevi, cc by sa

Moreshet Avot (“Heritage of Forefathers”)

ilan meshicha yar zanbar_facebookParty leader: Ilan Meshicha Yar-Zanbar

The party list includes 25 people.

According to an article in Haaretz, the party is unconnected to Rabbi Ba-Gad’s old party by the same name. According to the article, the party’s website claims that “Meshicha is willing to forego any material benefits for himself and put his own well-being and private wishes last”. As for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the website is quoted: “We will solve, for once and for all, the Palestinians’ problem, through cordiality and diplomacy, and at the end of the drama, we will help them want to create an historical opportunity for a bond, respect and peace”. I have not been able to locate the website from which this is quoted.

Photo: Meshicha’s Facebook page.

Kalkala (“Finance”)

Party leader: Yulia Shamalov Berkovitch

The party list includes 14 people.

The party was founded by the lawyer brothers Daniel and Ben-Zion Goldstein, who occupied the first two slots on the party list. Later, they recruited the former star of reality TV show “Big Brother” (a TV show in which a group of unconnected people are put into a villa to live together for a number of months and broadcast live 24/7), Yossi Bublil. Bublil later left the party and instead they brought in “Yuval HaMevulbal” (confused Yuval), a children’s TV star. Yuval claims he was not aware that he had entered politics, despite photo evidence to the contrary, and denied this on Thursday (Dec 6th), when the brothers made a new recruit: Yulia Shamalov Berkovitch. Berkovitch is a former member of Kadima. She left the party and competed in Likud’s primaries but did not achieve a realistic place.

Despite Yuval Hamevulbal’s denial, the party’s website displays a photo of one of the Goldstein brothers together with him.

"Yuval Hamevulbal" (confused Yuval) with one of the Goldstein brothers.

“Yuval Hamevulbal” (confused Yuval) with one of the Goldstein brothers.

The party calls for free higher education for all, easing bureaucracy, ensuring the country’s security, enlarging healthcare and welfare programs, lowering taxes and ensuring financial security.

The party website includes a page of “English Press“.

Photo: Kalkala.org.il

Mitkademet-Liberalit-Democratit (“Progressive-Liberal-Democratic”)

alexander_radko_ynetParty leader- Alexander Radko

The party list includes 9 people.

The party has existed since 2002, and received slightly over 1800 votes in the last election (more than 60,000 votes are needed in order to pass the threshold). Radko, a fish trader from Ashdod, founded the party in order to represent Russian immigrants in Israel.

Photo: http://go.ynet.co.il/miflaga/lider2_1.htm


Netzach (“Eternity”)

Party leader: Haim Epstein

The party list includes 10 people.

Netzach is a Lithuanian Ultra Orthodox party. Yahadut Hatorah (see above) is the party which represents all the Ashkenazi Ultra Orthodox community (Hassidic and Lithuanian). However, after the death of the 106 year old Rabbi Yossef Shalom Elyashiv, who stood at the head of the Lithuanian Ultra Orthodox community, the community has seen a power struggle between two Rabbis, Rabbi Steinman and Rabbi Auerbach for the leadership of the community. After Rabbi Auerbach’s representative was removed from Yahadut Hatorah’s list, his camp decided to run in a separate party: Netzach (according to an article from the Ultra Orthodox website, Kikar Hashabat, Dec 4th, Hebrew). While searching for a photo of Epstein (sorry, I haven’t found one), I ran into an Ultra-Orthodox discussion forum in which one of the participants claimed that Epstein was removed from Degel (a section of Yahadut Hatora), some years ago, after he was caught in the act of bribery. Another participant claimed that the two sections of the Lithuanian community will reach an agreement very soon, and the party will not run in the elections.

Read more about Jewish religious groups in Israel here.


Ale Yarok (“Green Leaf- The Liberal List”)

Yaron Lerman_AleyarokParty leader- Yaron Lerman

The party list includes 14 people.

Ale Yarok is perhaps the most well-known of these tiny parties. The party was formed in 1999, and its main goal is the legalization of marijuana. Its platform also includes separation of religion and state, introducing a voucher system into the education system, opposing the new biometric database and shortening mandatory military service.

Photo: Ale Yarok website.


Atid Echad (“One Future”)

yehezkel stelzer_theworkcoilParty leader- Rabbi Yehezkel Stelzer

The party list includes 1 person.

The party has existed since the 2006 elections. It was headed by Avraham Nagosa, and its main aims were rehabilitation of the education system and ensuring the rights of the Ethiopian community. In 2009, Nagosa joined the “Jewish Home” party (see above) and Stelzer ran alone.

Stelzer is an Ultra Orthodox Rabbi, who has been active in the founding of the Ultra Orthodox combat unit in the IDF, as well as trying to address issues of sexuality within the Ultra Orthodox community.

Photo: http://www.thework.co.il


Tzedek Hevrati (“Social Justice”)

gad haran_screenshot-youtube-shalomamsalemParty leader- Gad Haran

The party list includes 13 people.

The party was formed in 2007 by the Russian tycoon, Arkadi Gaidamak. Gaidamak is involved in criminal investigations related to weapons smuggling in Europe. Gaidamak also bought the Jerusalem soccer team “Beitar Yerushalayim” and attempted to run for mayor of Jerusalem. When he won less than 4% of the vote, he left the country in disgust. Prior to the upcoming elections, a new group of social activists took over the party, led by Gad Haran. The party now stands for “social justice”, attainable housing, public housing, equality, etc.

Tzedek Hevrati website (Hebrew only).

Photo: screenshot, youtube, Shalom Amsalem.



And now, let the campaigns begin!…


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  1. Update: Two parties, “Netzach” and “Atid Echad” (“One Future”) are no longer running.

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