Monthly Archives: January 2013

Election Day trip to Prat Stream/ Wadi Qelt

Election Day in Israel is a public holiday. So after voting, my wife and I went with a group of friends to enjoy the day outdoors, in nature. A short, 20 minute drive east of Jerusalem, past the area known as E1, which has been on the news lately, brought us to a small community […]

Israeli Elections 2013- Final Results

The soldiers’ votes have finally been counted and the final results of the elections have arrived. 3,833,816 Israelis voted in the elections, which is 67.06% of the eligible voters, a relatively high turnout. 40,910 votes were invalid. 12 parties made it past the 2% threshold. The final count is as follows: Party Number of votes […]

Israel’s Elections: The winners, the losers and what’s next

The exit polls are in and the approximate size of the various parties is known. However, there have been surprises in the past. The exit polls are exactly that: polls. They have a much larger sample and are much closer to reality than the pre-election polls, because they are taken from actual voters, but they […]

Israeli Elections 2013- Preliminary Results

The three Israeli television channels published their preliminary results of the elections at 22:00 tonight (Jan 22nd, 45 minutes ago). The results are surprising. However, I must stress that these are in no way the final results. The preliminary polls are quite often off and the final results may be different from what the TV […]

The Quiet Before the Elections

In less than 48 hours, Israelis will head to the polls, already knowing who will most likely be elected as Prime Minister (Benyamin Netanyahu), but still waiting to find out what kind of coalition he will have. The election propaganda law forbids newspapers to publish election polls during Election Day and the 48 hours prior. […]

A Tour of Jerusalem in White

This week, Israelis put the election campaign aside. The most interesting show in town was the weather. The largest storm of the season, possibly the largest storm of the decade, swept over the Middle East. In Lebanon, they named the storm “Bride”, for its potential for being white and fluffy. The storm began on Saturday […]

Friendly Fire

For the past few weeks I have refrained from writing about the goings-on in Israel’s election campaign and my last two posts were dedicated to explaining the system rather than reporting current affairs. Between us, this part of the election campaign is rather boring. The party lists have already been set, we have a general […]