The Quiet Before the Elections

In less than 48 hours, Israelis will head to the polls, already knowing who will most likely be elected as Prime Minister (Benyamin Netanyahu), but still waiting to find out what kind of coalition he will have.

The election propaganda law forbids newspapers to publish election polls during Election Day and the 48 hours prior. Therefore, all the media outlets published their last polls in the weekend papers and news programs. Maariv summed up all the polls in one graph.

 poll sums

The graph includes six polls published by Maariv, Reshet Bet (national radio), Yisrael Hayom, Wallah (news website), Channel 2 TV and Channel 10 TV from January 15th to January 17th.

The polls give the following results:

Likud-Beiteinu (Netanyahu) 32-37 seats

Labor (Yachimovitch) 14-18 seats

Jewish Home (Bennet) 12-15 seats

Shas (Sephardic Ultra-Orthodox party) 10-12 seats

Yesh Atid (Yair Lapid) 8-12 seats

The Movement (Tzipi Livni) 5-9 seats

Meretz (Far Left party) 4-7 seats

Yahadut Hatorah (Ashkenazi Ultra-Orthodox party) 6 seats

Hadash (Arab communist party) 3-4 seats

Balad (Arab nationalist party) 3-4 seats

Raam-Taal (Arab party) 3-4 seats

Kadima (Shaul Mofaz) 2-3 seats

Strong Israel (Far Right party) 0-3 seats

Am Shalem (Rabbi Haim Amsalem) 0-2 seats

Despite the rather small margin of discrepancies between the different polls, there are still a large number of undecided voters. One poll said the undecided voters number 14%.

Either way, the law forbids propaganda and any new election polls to be published from now until the voting ends on Tuesday night (Jan 22nd) at 22:00. All that is left to do now is to wait.

There are now 32 parties in the running. Two parties- “Netzach” and “Atid Echad” (One future) are no longer running.


Meanwhile, here is some amusement.

Chuck Norris voiced his support for Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu last week.

It is quite hard to have missed the “Chuck Norris” genre of jokes. If you have, I will just explain that these jokes entail making funny comments demonstrating Chuck Norris’ prowess and unbeatable strength. Some examples-

“At night, monsters have Chuck Norris under their beds”.

Or when running a Google search for Chuck Norris you may come up with the result-

Google won’t search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you.

During the election campaign, Naftali Bennet’s fans have created a Facebook page with similar facts about Bennet. Most of them are quite amusing. Many of them would not make sense to non-Israelis, because they include references to Jewish religious customs or local culture. I bring you some of the jokes that everyone can get. Be warned, they will make you laugh.

-“Naftali Bennet and Chuck Norris made a bet to see who is stronger. They decided that the loser would never shave again”.

-“A spider bites Naftali Bennet. The spider turns into a superhero”.

-“Bennet meets a goldfish. He grants the fish three wishes”.

-“Naftali Bennet has an UNLIKE button on his Facebook”.

-“Naftali Bennet’s spam mail has emails from Barack Obama in it”.

-“Naftali Bennet uploads a song on youtube. He overtakes ‘Gangham Style’”.

-“Bennet drops his i-phone. The floor cracks”.

-I'll be back.-No you won't.

-I’ll be back.
-No you won’t.

Declares his support for Bibi (Netanyahu).Chuck Norris also supports Bibi.

Declares his support for Bibi (Netanyahu).
Chuck Norris also supports Bibi.

Naftali Bennet: The early years.

Naftali Bennet: The early years.

Together we are strong

Together we are strong

What if I told youThat you are actually only part of Naftali Bennet's dream

What if I told you
That you are actually only part of Naftali Bennet’s dream

And finally, it is quite obvious that Chuck Norris decided to support Netanyahu, because he felt threatened by Naftali Bennet.

I hope that gave you a laugh.

Updates will follow on Tuesday-Wednesday (Jan 22-23).


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