MK Ruth Kalderon Steals All the Attention

I promised to at least try not to be too distracted during my seven part series on the “West Bank”, so this one will be short.

Over the past two weeks, the newly elected MKs (Members of Knesset) have been making their maiden speeches. Most of these speeches haven’t drawn much attention, even those made by figures in the spotlight such as Naftali Bennet or Yair Lapid. But one new female MK from “Yesh Atid” (Yair Lapid’s party) managed to steal everyone else’s thunder.

I won’t write about it myself, but I will link to a good article about it:

Resonant response to maiden speech by Yesh Atid’s secular, female Talmud scholar

If you wish to watch the speech itself, here is a youtube link with English subtitles:

Ruth Calderon’s maiden Knesset speech – English subtitles

Photo: Screenshot, youtube, makomtv

Photo: Screenshot, youtube, makomtv



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