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This week on the FB- May 26

A lot of links have gone by, with a holiday and a university deadline in the middle. Here’s what you missed on the’s Facebook in the past week + 2 days: 1. May 17th, “Frank Sinatra once appeared at “Action for Palestine” benefit concert“, from And it’s not what you think… 2. May […]

This week on’s FB

While I write posts rather sparingly these days, I do share links and statuses on Facebook quite a lot. I’m starting a weekly blogpost, in which I’ll bring the updates from the past week. May 10th- World War II veterans in today’s parade in Jerusalem in honor of 70 years since the victory over the […]

Crazy #1

This is the bus stop at which, less than three weeks ago, Shira Klein, the sister of a friend of mine, was wounded and her fiance, Shalom Sharki, was murdered, when a Palestinian terrorist rammed his car into them as they waited for a bus on the eve of Holocaust memorial day. Now, all the […]