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While I write posts rather sparingly these days, I do share links and statuses on Facebook quite a lot. I’m starting a weekly blogpost, in which I’ll bring the updates from the past week.

May 10th-

World War II veterans in today’s parade in Jerusalem in honor of 70 years since the victory over the Nazis.

0510_WWII veterans

May 11th-

1. Israel’s aid mission to Nepal returns home:

Mission accomplished: Today the IDF completed its mission in Nepal. The mission consisted of 260 search and rescue and medical personnel and 95 tons of humanitarian and medical supplies.

The field hospital, which was operated for 11 days, treated 1600 patients, conducted 85 life-saving surgeries and delivered 8 babies.

This is the IDF I know.

0511_nepal mission acomplished

2. Also May 11th- in honor of Mother’s day, the IDF shared this photo of a woman air-force pilot.

0511_mothers day pilotMay 13th-

1. Another Palestinian lie debunked:

via StandWithUs 

New day, same old blood libel. A Gazan baby with a rare disease is living at an Israeli hospital because his family abandoned him. Look how this award-winning journalist “reported” the story.

H/T David Ha’ivri…/

This is the original photo:

0513_lies baby01And the Palestinian propaganda version:

0513_lies baby02

2. In honor of Jerusalem day, here’s this link from United With Israel

Watch: 4000 years of Jerusalem’s wondrous history

3. And another post from StandWithUs:

Touching story from the son of member of the IDF Nepal delegation: “My mom is a Chief Warrant Officer in the Medical Corps of the IDF. Two weeks ago she left us and went to Nepal the help the suffering country. Her job was to rescue and give medical care for the citizens who suffer from that horrible earthquake. My Mom is a hero. She didn’t Hesitate even for a moment when she was told that the IDF wants her to be in the Delegation. In a short time. she packed her stuff, gathered me and my siblings and told us that she’s leaving and hopes to be back again soon. It was really stressful to send your mother to a place which just suffered from an horrible disaster, and this disaster could happen again in every moment.

My mother doesn’t leave people in distress, and today she arrived to Israel. Back home again. She arrived here and made us all very proud, excited and honored to be her family. Not everyone could do that – leave everything behind and go to an unknown adventure as this, while there’s enough problems here…She came back with a big smile, and I got the important understanding – this is my mom, and I’m proud of her!”

– Yaakov Martziano

0513_nepal mom

May 14th

1. Khaled Abu-Toameh’s article in, on the Palestinian leadership’s inability to make peace with Israel:

Palestinian Authority’s “crimes of high treason”

2. An important piece by Matti Friedman for on the latest report by an Israeli NGO, alleging war crimes by Israeli soldiers.

The latest “Breaking the silence” report isn’t journalism. It’s propaganda

3. Terrorist attack near Alon Shvut:

via StandWithUs 

BREAKING: Four people aged 16-25 were injured after a terrorist drove into a bus stop in Gush Etzion. The suspect, a Palestinian, was detained.

0514_terrorattack010514_terrorattack024. Former Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon’s post, on Israel’s independence day (the holiday is officialy celebrated on the Hebrew date, which was three weeks ago):

May 14th: Today in History

Sixty seven years ago today, on May 14th 1948, as Great Britain relinquished its mandate in the Middle East, Israel’s declaration of independence was signed.

It was an ordinary Friday afternoon just before the start of Shabbat, when a large group of Jewish leaders gathered inside a small home in Tel Aviv and announced the rebirth of the State of Israel. Upon reading the text of this declaration, David Ben Gurion explained the legal and historic justification for re-establishing the Jewish State in its ancient national homeland.

Eleven minutes after Ben Gurion’s proclamation, the United States, under direct orders from President Harry Truman, became the first country to recognize Israel, and many other countries were quick to follow.

Yet while many nations warmly embraced this renewal of Jewish statehood, the surrounding Arab countries did not.

Instead, they rushed to attack the Jewish State, launching what later became known as the Independence War. This war ended a year later in 1949, and remains the longest lasting war that Israel fought since its refoundation.

As we mark this important day on our calendars, let us honor the heroes who declared Israel’s independence, and the soldiers who fought and still continue fighting, in order to protect and preserve this miraculous independence.


May 15th-

1. An in depth article on Israel’s new Justice Minister, Ayelet Shaked, by Haviv Rettig Gur, for The Times of Israel. An important read.

Is Ayelet Shaked planning to strangle the High Court?

2. An amusing buzzfeed post of people who have made tattoos with Hebrew lettering without checking what they mean first.

This guy thought his tattoo said “strength” but it really says “Matzoh”

3. Go ahead, give them nuclear weapons. How bad could it turn out?

Top Khamenei advisor: We have divine permission to destroy Israel


4. While the Palestinians mark May 14th as their “Nakba” day, or Day of catastrophe, on which Israel came into existence and the Arab armies declared a war of annihilation against Israel, one should also remember the other side of the story, of Jews expelled from Arab countries.

via StandWithUs

Land stolen from Jews in Arab countries equals over 100,000 sq. km: nearly five times the entire size of the state of Israel pre-1967 (22,000 sq. km)

0515 land stolen

May 16th-

Today is Jerusalem day. 48 years ago today, Jews regained control of Jerusalem after almost 1900 years of exile and 19 years of Jordanian occupation of the city. Happy Jerusalem Day!

The Old City of Jerusalem, as seen from Mount Scopus. My own photo.

The Old City of Jerusalem, as seen from Mount Scopus. My own photo.

Also, if I have time, I’ll post about Israel’s new government, which was sworn in on Thursday night (May 14th).


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