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This week on FB- June 15th 2015

The big scandal of the past few days has been the question of whether or not the Israeli government should be funding cultural events even though they go against the core principles of the country. Education Minister Naftali Bennet removed a play from the list of plays subsidized by the Ministry for showing to schools, […]

Jerusalem Light Festival 2015

The Jerusalem Light Festival has been taking place in the Old City of Jerusalem for 7 years. Every year, for one week in June, the Old City is transformed into a brilliant light show, with thousands of people visiting the festival every night, crowding through the old cobbled alleys and walkways of the four quarters […]

This week on FB- June 8th

This week, the “drizzle” of rocket fire continued in the south. Israelis are worried that we may have a repeat of last summer. And in the meantime, life goes on. This is what you missed this week: 1. June 2nd- if you thought Israel sends aid only to third world countries such as Nepal, guess […]

This week on FB- June 1st

This is what you missed in the last week: 1. May 26th- It was only a matter of time. This isn’t last summer, this is last week: And internal spats between Palestinian factions are no excuse for firing missiles on Israeli civilians. From The Times of Israel 2. May 27th, “Midburn Festival in the Negev […]