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Jerusalem Light Festival 2015

The Jerusalem Light Festival has been taking place in the Old City of Jerusalem for 7 years. Every year, for one week in June, the Old City is transformed into a brilliant light show, with thousands of people visiting the festival every night, crowding through the old cobbled alleys and walkways of the four quarters […]

Sounds of Jerusalem 2015

“Sounds of Jerusalem” is a festival that takes place in the Old City of Jerusalem every year in March. For a number of evenings, the cobbled streets of the 3000 year old city are filled with music and performers. I went for the first time this year, and got to hear some of Israel’s best […]

Jerusalem Light Festival- 2014

Ever since I started this blog, over two years ago, there have been two things I always post about, along with photos- snow storms, which happen very rarely in Israel, and the Jerusalem Light Festival. Jerusalem is now bracing for another snow storm, which may come this Wednesday (Jan 7th). Last year’s storm was the […]

Middle East Snowstorm- December 2013

The current snowstorm has made me realize just how vulnerable and dependent we are. We depend on routine. Breaking it is havoc. This week we were hit with the heaviest snowstorm Israel has seen since 1950. The last time this amount of snow fell in Israel in December was 1878. Even the Pyramids in Egypt, […]

Stranded in the desert on Sukkot

The schools’ summer vacation ended just before the beginning of September, but the Jewish calendar doesn’t really allow for any serious studying during the first month of school. The Hebrew month of Tishrei coincides with the September-October season, and is packed with holidays: Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year is on the 1st-2nd of Tishrei. […]

A Taste of the North

One of my favorite lines from the British sci-fi, Dr. Who, is when the Doctor’s companion, Rose Tyler, meeting the Doctor for the first time, asks him, “If you’re an alien, how come you have a northern accent?”. The Doctor’s brilliant answer is, “Lots of places have a north”. Like the Doctor’s north, Israel’s north […]

Jerusalem Light Festival 2013

I wrote about the festival last year as well. This year, the festival took place from June 5th-13th in the Old City of Jerusalem. I felt that this year’s festival was somewhat less impressive than last year’s, but I’ll let you be the judge of that, from the photos. My favorite installation this year was […]