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Crazy #1

This is the bus stop at which, less than three weeks ago, Shira Klein, the sister of a friend of mine, was wounded and her fiance, Shalom Sharki, was murdered, when a Palestinian terrorist rammed his car into them as they waited for a bus on the eve of Holocaust memorial day. Now, all the […]

On the importance of thumbs

If you’ve come looking for an interesting post on Israel, full of Zionist passion, detailing the various virtues of Israel as a light unto the nations in fields of science, society and democratic values and on how we help those in need, after earthquakes or civil wars, you’ve come to the right blog, but the […]

Election Update – March 14th 2015

The elections are this Tuesday, March 17th. Israeli law forbids publishing election polls after March 13th. So the polls we have are all we’re going to get until the real thing. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been collecting poll data and, using an excel sheet, making various calculations in order to find patterns in […]

My Facebook Page

I would like to update my readers that the blog has its own Facebook page. I periodically post short updates regarding current events, future posts, etc., which are too short to warrant their own blog post. For example, I just posted an update regarding this year’s light festival in Jerusalem, which will take place June […]

The Wizard of .il- A new beginning

Welcome to my first post on this new blog- The Wizard of .il. I am an American-born Israeli Jew, I think it’s important we get that out on the table before we start. For the past year, I’ve written a relatively successful blog on current affairs in Israel, in Hebrew. In it, I’ve given my […]