The Jerusalem Light Festival has been taking place in the Old City of Jerusalem for 7 years. Every year, for one week in June, the Old City is transformed into a brilliant light show, with thousands of people visiting the festival every night, crowding through the old cobbled alleys and walkways of the four quarters […]

This week, the “drizzle” of rocket fire continued in the south. Israelis are worried that we may have a repeat of last summer. And in the meantime, life goes on. This is what you missed this week: 1. June 2nd- if you thought Israel sends aid only to third world countries such as Nepal, guess […]

This is what you missed in the last week: 1. May 26th- It was only a matter of time. This isn’t last summer, this is last week: And internal spats between Palestinian factions are no excuse for firing missiles on Israeli civilians. From The Times of Israel 2. May 27th, “Midburn Festival in the Negev […]

A lot of links have gone by, with a holiday and a university deadline in the middle. Here’s what you missed on the’s Facebook in the past week + 2 days: 1. May 17th, “Frank Sinatra once appeared at “Action for Palestine” benefit concert“, from And it’s not what you think… 2. May […]

While I write posts rather sparingly these days, I do share links and statuses on Facebook quite a lot. I’m starting a weekly blogpost, in which I’ll bring the updates from the past week. May 10th- World War II veterans in today’s parade in Jerusalem in honor of 70 years since the victory over the […]

This is the bus stop at which, less than three weeks ago, Shira Klein, the sister of a friend of mine, was wounded and her fiance, Shalom Sharki, was murdered, when a Palestinian terrorist rammed his car into them as they waited for a bus on the eve of Holocaust memorial day. Now, all the […]

If you’ve come looking for an interesting post on Israel, full of Zionist passion, detailing the various virtues of Israel as a light unto the nations in fields of science, society and democratic values and on how we help those in need, after earthquakes or civil wars, you’ve come to the right blog, but the […]