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Rollercoaster Politics

One would have thought that with the end of operation “Pillar of Defense”, the news in Israel would go back to being boring. However, since Sunday (25 Nov), the news has been anything but. Israel’s election campaign has supplied one headline after another. So here is what you’ve missed in the past 72 hours: Sunday, […]

Cease fire, until it suits Hamas for the cease fire to cease?

Israelis woke up this morning with a bad taste in their mouths. Last night (November 21st), at 21:00, Israel declared a “unilateral cease fire” with Hamas. What this means is anyone’s guess, but at 21:17 sirens were already wailing and rockets were falling. The cease fire came into being after intense efforts made by Hillary […]

Operation Defensive Pillar- Day 7- November 20th

A few minutes ago (16:00), a barrage of rockets hit Ashdod. Initial reports say that people were hurt. Update- seven people were injured in this attack. Update 18:23- Four civilians were injured when a rocket hit a residential building in the city of Rishon Letzion. Last night, a rocket demolished an eighth-grade classroom in a […]

One game of scrabble, five rocket attacks (guest post)

My friend Dovi lives in Be’er Sheva, the largest city in southern Israel, with a population of almost 200,000. I asked Dovi yesterday (November 19th) to write a guest post about life in Be’er Sheva.  *** I just finished college and moved back into my parents’ home for a bit. The home I grew up […]

Israel and Gaza, Day 6, November 19th

I decided today to write down all the “Color Red” sirens during the afternoon, as they were reported live on the Galgalatz radio station. This is a list of all the sirens sounded today between 14:30-18:00 (I may have missed one or two): 14:57- Siren in Ashdod, Ad Halom, Netiv Ha’asara (and 4 others places […]

Operation Defensive Pillar- Update November 18th

This morning, residents of a four storey Ashkelon apartment building survived a direct hit by a rocket to their building. They were taking shelter in the second floor stairwell. The rocket crashed through the roof and exploded on the third floor. Two residents were wounded by shrapnel and another five were treated for shock, but […]

Living under fire: I’m in range!!

The siren caught me in the shower. But I’ll get to that.  It was a typical Jerusalem Friday. There was one thing out of the ordinary: the radio was on, and every few minutes the announcer would interrupt whatever song was playing to announce a “color red” siren somewhere in the country.  In Israel, Friday […]