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The Day After the Elections

In my previous post, I discussed the four blocs of parties in Israeli politics and how this simplifies a complex system in which 34 parties are running. But what does all this mean for Israel’s government? Who will form the government? Who becomes Prime Minister? Who becomes a minister in the government? How do 12 […]

Israeli Elections- Voting Blocs, or: 34 Parties Made Simpler

In my previous election post, I wrote about the 34 party lists running in the elections, which are scheduled for January 22nd. 34 parties is quite a lot and can lead to a lot of confusion when heading to the polls. How does one choose a party to vote for? How can one hope to […]

It’s probably not the guns…

I’ve been reading the masses of articles, blog posts and columns written about the Sandy Hook school shooting. Blame has been thrown about. Guns have been blamed, violent video games have been blamed (and rightly so, from personal experience. They really can mess with one’s mind, and I’m sane…), the murderer’s mother has been blamed […]

44 days to the election- 34 party lists

Thursday night (Dec 6th) was the last date for submitting party lists to take part in the elections, which will be held on January 22nd. 34 parties submitted lists. Many of them are completely anonymous. 12 of the parties are currently in the Knesset or are headed by people currently in the Knesset. Two other […]

The Labor Party and the Center

The Labor Party held its primaries last Thursday (Nov 29th) and proved once again how important it is for Israelis to become members of political parties. The highest number of votes received by any of the top 20 people on Labor’s list for the next Knesset is 21,837 votes, by Yitzhak (Buzhi) Hertzog, who is […]