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My Facebook Page

I would like to update my readers that the blog has its own Facebook page. I periodically post short updates regarding current events, future posts, etc., which are too short to warrant their own blog post. For example, I just posted an update regarding this year’s light festival in Jerusalem, which will take place June […]

Judea and Samaria- Part 3: The Religious Connection

_________________________________________________ Links to previous posts in this series: Judea and Samaria/ The West Bank – What’s It All About? (Part 1) Judea and Samaria- Part 2: The Historical Connection Link to the next posts in this series: Judea and Samaria- Part 4: The Security Threat __________________________________________________ Israel doesn’t often use religious arguments while discussing Judea and Samaria. You […]

The Jerusalem Ice Festival

Ever since he was elected in 2008, Jerusalem’s mayor, Nir Barkat, has put an emphasis on cultural events in the city, with the understanding that for the city to flourish, he must attract more young people and tourists. The result is that there is always something happening in Jerusalem. Whether it is the lights festival […]