The Wizard of .il is my blog, as an American-born Israeli Jew, in which I hope to give my readers a slightly broader view and understanding of what Israel is really about.

A few years ago, at the height of what has been dubbed “the second intifada”, I was visiting my grandparents in the US and we had gone to buy shoes. My grandfather proudly boasted to the sales lady that here are his grandchildren and that we are from Israel. The woman turned to us, and with a horrified look on her face said: “You’re not going back there, are you?!?”

It is only natural that the media shows only one side of Israel- that is the side of conflict with the Arab and Muslim world. Sadly, that is all the world sees. The conflict is ever-present in Israeli life, but there is a lot more to Israel than that.

This blog includes three main categories:

* Current affairs

* Back to basics- in which I delve into a specific subject in Israeli life

* A little corner of .il- in which I show a specific place or event in Israel. These posts are usually more photo-based.


I encourage debate in my posts, as long as it stays civilized.




  1. Hi Wizard of .il,

    My name is Tatiana and I work for a Russian-language newspaper in San Francisco called “Kstati”. I’m the editor of our English section and I’m always looking for interesting new articles and writers to publish. I really enjoyed your “Living in Range” post and I think it’s so important for people to understand the reality that so many Israelis live with every day. I was wondering if we could publish it in our newspaper. Please check out our website and send me an email if that sounds like something you’d be interested in.

    Thanks so much and keep writing,

    Tatiana S.

    1. Hi Tatiana,

      You may publish the article in your newspaper, as long as you give proper credit, or course, and link to here.

      Please send me a link to the article in your newspaper!

      Thank you for taking in interest!

      Wizard of .il

  2. Thanks so much! Of course we’d give proper credit! Would you like to email me your name and maybe an author photo? Or would you prefer I use your handle?

    1. I prefer to leave it as is for now.

  3. Hello Wizard,
    Here’s the article as printed in our paper. I had to edit just the small links area to make it suitable for newspaper format. I hope you like it. Our readers certainly did. http://kstati.net/living-under-fire-im-in-range/

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