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The seeds of peace in the ashes

It’s no secret that Israel and Syria don’t exactly get along. We have a long history. We have fought three wars in 65 years (1948, 1967, and 1973) as well as proxy wars in Lebanon (1982, 2006). When the Syrian civil war was just beginning, President Assad attempted to divert support away from the rebels […]

My 25th Aliyah-versary

Today is my 25th Aliyah-versary. On this day, 25 years ago, I “made Aliyah”, in other words, immigrated to Israel with my family. I was five. The first thing I remember was the hot blazing sun and the oppressive heat outside the terminal of Ben-Gurion airport. Over the next years, I got used to the […]

Judea and Samaria- Part 4: The Security Threat

Links to previous posts in this series: Judea and Samaria/ The West Bank – What’s It All About? (Part 1) Judea and Samaria- Part 2: The Historical Connection Judea and Samaria- Part 3: The Religious Connection __________________________________________________ The security issues are probably the most commonly cited issues when discussing Judea and Samaria in particular and Israel’s foreign policy […]