Paris and Jerusalem- we are one

If Israelis were prone to saying “I told you so”, just about now we would be calling on the leaders of France to exercise restraint in the face of the horrific terror attacks which took place there on Friday night. We would also call on both sides to refrain from violence and to immediately sit down to the negotiating table in order to reach a two state solution, including a compromise in Paris, which will serve as the capitol of both the French and the new Islamic State which is to be founded there.

That is, of course, exactly what Europe and the United States have been telling us for years after Palestinian terrorist attacks in Israel.

If we were to keep score with the world, we would be criticizing people who changed their Facebook profile picture to include the French flag, but who didn’t fly the Russian flag when ISIS downed a Russian plane in Sinai two weeks ago, didn’t display the Kenyan flag in solidarity with terror victims there, ignored the massive terror attack in downtown Beirut last week, and most of all did not display the Israeli flag in memory of all the victims of Palestinian terrorism in the past weeks, including the attack which took place only hours before the attacks in Paris, in which a young bride lost both her father and brother.


Rabbi Yaakov Litman (Left), pictured with his wife, and his son Netanel were murdered by Palestinian terrorists on Friday afternoon, four days before his daughter’s planned wedding.

And all of these criticizers and I-told-you-so-sayers and score-keepers would be right.

Because terror has been striking around the world for years, but it takes an attack in a European capitol for the world to take notice.

Because what France is allowed to do in response to terrorism is what has brought condemnation after condemnation down on Israel.

Because ISIS and Al-Qaeda and Hamas and HIzballah and Boko Haram may not be working together officially, and are even fighting against each other in some parts of the world, but they are all part of the same poisonous weed of extremist Islamic terror.


Because if the Western world intends to survive and continue upholding the values of democracy, liberty, religious freedoms and human rights, it must relentlessly and tirelessly fight these organizations and obliterate them.

Because these organizations are working tirelessly on their plans to turn the Western world into one big Islamic State in which Sharia law is the law of the land, and what we are experiencing in France, Egypt, Kenya, Lebanon, Israel and other countries is all part of a quiet World War III.

Because while Israel is fighting on the front lines of this war and has been doing so for years, the rest of the Western world, instead of backing Israel as an ally, is busy boycotting settlement products and trying to force Israel into capitulating before terror.

repeating history.jpg

Because the Israeli-Arab conflict was never about settlements or refugees or even the Temple Mount. It is about the radical Islam’s refusal to accept anything that isn’t Islamic in the Middle East. Islamization of the rest of the world is merely the next step.


So, dear Europe, if your freedom and way of life is important to you, now’s the time to get your priorities straight and figure out who your real allies are, and just as importantly, who your enemies are. You can either fight Islamic extremism with everything you’ve got, or perish. We, over here in Israel, intend to stick around as a free, democratic and pluralistic state. It would be nice if we aren’t alone.

israel stands with france.jpg


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