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Another Round of Rockets- Next Round on New Terms

I was originally going to dedicate this post to the injustice the Israeli media has been doing to Israel’s cause when reporting on incidents involving terrorism. That was before Israel’s worries became a whole lot worse, with the publication of the Egyptian election results.  Last week began with an attempted kidnapping/mugging of an Israeli truck […]

Israeli Parties and Politics- Part 1

If you’re a US citizen, you have a rather narrow choice of parties to elect into government- you can vote either Democrat or Republican. A British citizen has three main options, which are two more than a Syrian has to choose from at the moment. In Germany there are six major parties to choose from. […]

The Annual Jerusalem Light Festival

This post is the first post in a regular spot I plan to have on this blog. In it, I will feature a different place in Israel each week. Through this spot, I hope to show you some of the beauty Israel has to offer. The Jerusalem light festival is a relatively new tradition. It […]

Syria: A Serious Situation and a Failed Student of Machiavelli

Hafez al-Assad was one of Niccolo Machiavelli’s more successful students. He put Machiavelli’s teachings into practice and thrived as Syria’s unchallenged dictator. His son Bashar, however, was not cut out for dictatorship and has failed miserably at emulating his father. Now is the time for the world to put an end to his experiment.   […]

Getting the basic facts right

In the past years, Israel has been exceedingly interested in what we call “Hasbara”, which would translate literally into “explaining”, in other words, making Israel’s case in the world. Every so often, clips such as this, this or this (my favorite one, so far) make the rounds on Facebook, and we get to complain (a […]

The Wizard of .il- A new beginning

Welcome to my first post on this new blog- The Wizard of .il. I am an American-born Israeli Jew, I think it’s important we get that out on the table before we start. For the past year, I’ve written a relatively successful blog on current affairs in Israel, in Hebrew. In it, I’ve given my […]